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Introducing Bugle Notes!

Who are we and why should you read our blog?

Owners and founders Helen Montgomery and Seth Westerman post next to coffee bags.

Good question! Well, a few years ago we were just a couple of caffeine addicted high-school friends dreaming about how we could carve out our slice of the coffee industry. It all started back in January of 2019. During that time, My husband, Jack, and I were living in Massachusetts and the Specialty Coffee Association just so happened to hold their annual conference in Boston. Seth came up to visit for the expo and about 20 espresso shots later we were piecing together what it would take to start our own roastery.

By August of that same year we were officially open for business and making our dream a reality. These days I'm busy managing the business and marketing side of Bugle Call, Seth is roasting and running in-person operations, and Jack serves on Active Duty as an Army Engineer Officer at Fort Campbell, KY.

From newlywed to business owner

Helen and her husband Jack on their wedding day

As the daughter of entrepreneurs it shouldn't come as a surprise that I was interested in starting my own business, but I never would've anticipated owning a coffee roasting company-much less becoming an Army Wife. Fortunately, I have an amazing group of friends and family who support me and don't shy away from my seemingly "out there" ideas. On a typical day I'm doing anything from researching fresh crops to add to our lineup to connecting with fellow military spouse entrepreneurs. The variety and range of things I get to work on is one of my favorite parts of my job, along with the never ending supply of caffeine. 

When it comes to coffee, my philosophy is simple: starting the day with a good cup of coffee can make a world of difference. We like to say that everyone has their own version of Morning Formation, and our job is to make the start to your day better. That being said, a good cup of coffee depends on a lot more than roasting. Over the past few years I've gotten to learn so much about the origins, farming, and importing side of coffee. My coffee education is far from over, but the importance of sustainability and equity along the supply chain is something that is a top priority for us and something that I'm looking forward to sharing through our blogs. So, stick around, and go down the rabbit hole with us!

From Richmonder to Roaster

Hey! I'm Seth, and I'm the Head Roaster for Bugle Call Coffee. As I continue to fall into the rabbit hole of endless coffee knowledge, I am constantly dumbfounded that a single species can transform into so many vastly distinct experiences simply by adjusting conditions at any point between sowing the soil and tasting the cup. My mechanically-inclined brain explodes when I try to conceptualize how a plant + some hot water can fool my taste buds into registering such a wide range of obscure yet specific tastes, i.e. fresh dragon fruit, tiramisu, and Wild Berry Pop-Tart. What? Every day I get to explore and expand my understanding of the fancy chemistry that allows me to bring these flavors to life.

As a roaster, I am nearly last in a long chain of individuals around the globe who have carefully sourced, cultivated, processed, and finally roasted this coffee to yield something completely unique. You complete the chain when you kick off the day with a sip of your favorite brew.

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